I’m a woman. What’s your superpower?

Remember, woman, you were born
Life giver, miracle creator, magic maker.
Everytime the world weighed you down,
Like a phoenix you rose from the ashes.
Remember, woman, you were born
With the fire of Queens and conquerers,
Warrioress blood you bleed.
You were born with with the wisdom of Sages and Shamans,
No wound can you not heal.
You were born the narrator of your own tale,
Before none shall you ever kneel.
You were born with the galaxy in your eyes reaching out to infinity, You were born to desire with passion, power and success,
And to name your own destiny.
Remember, woman, remember
You’re more than what you can see,
You’re deeper than the ocean itself, mighty and free.
Remember, woman, your power and grace, the depth of your heart,
Never forget, woman, that you’re divine,
As you’ve always been from the start.

-//Women’s day. March 8th, 2018.


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