what’s a dream?

What is a dream?

They asked me when I was 8 and naive,

Being quite unperceptive about the world

I wondered if they were like paper planes

Or clouds that looked like cotton candy

I pondered if they were like the chirps heard in first light.

Now that I’ve flourished

To have a mind that’s a blend of all the colours,

I’ve discerned that a dream is a painting you paint

Believing that there’s magic in reality,

That it’s a wish your heart makes,

And that it’s a light in your life that’s brighter than any sunrise.

So I believe,

Believe in myself,

And the magic of the universe,

Spreading my wings I soar across the sky.

Setting out each day believing that I can,

Knowing without a doubt,

That we’re all made for bewildering things.




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